Don’t let your bathroom get you down!

Whether your bathroom needs a spruce up or a complete overhaul, Installation Services can manage and complete your project with care and professionalism. We proudly serve homeowners in southern NH and Vermont areas.

Shower, Tub Solutions, Vanities

There are many options for shower and tubs available that can suit your space and budget.  Let the experienced team at Installation Services help you find the perfect solution to your bathroom blues.

Bathroom Tile

Tile is perfect for the bathroom. Bathroom tile come in collections of ceramic, porcelain and stone, with hundreds of color choices, providing more options than ever. Really make the most important room in your house really stand out!   See our tile selections here.

Bathroom Fixtures

Fixtures are your faucets, hardware, and shower systems. We can help you coordinate your bathroom fixtures, keeping consistency in finish, like chrome or brushed nickel, and in design and style, like clean lines or pristine white ceramic. 

Call Mr. D at Installation Services for your next home improvement project!

Dan & Tim were highly recommended for the tile job in my home. They did a beautiful job, paying close attention to details. Thanks again for the beautiful job.
Dave D.